What is nonwoven interlining? Efficacy and characteristics of non-woven lining

What is nonwoven interlining? Efficacy and characteristics of non-woven lining; Nonwoven interlining, also known as nonwoven interlining, paper lining and paper lining, is a fabric made by selecting nonwoven as needle punched nonwoven and carrying out production and processing of adhesive coating or epoxy resin carding.

Nonwoven interlining has long been made of nonwoven fabrics. Nowadays, most of them have been replaced by adhesive nonwoven lining. However, it is still used in light casual clothing, knitted sweater, down jacket with cotton, raincoat and children's clothing. It is generally made of organic chemical bonding method, which is divided into thin, medium and thick. Nonwovens (paper lining, paper lining) are widely used. In addition to the characteristics of adhesive lining, nonwoven lining also has the following characteristics:

1. Light weight

2. After cutting, the wound will not separate

3. Excellent shape retention

4. Excellent resilience

5. No rebound after cleaning

6. Good air permeability

7. Good air permeability

8. Compared with knitted fabrics, the regulations on specificity are low and easy to use

9. High quality and low price, economical

Efficacy of bonded nonwoven lining (nonwoven lining):

1. Fully bonded nonwoven lining

Fully bonded nonwoven lining is the key to the original name of coat. The utility model has the advantages of high adhesion, good water washing resistance and adhesion with the cloth, which can improve the sewing efficiency and promote the rationality of the sewing process. In addition, as a lining for setting knitted sweater, it has a very good practical effect.

2. Locally bonded nonwoven lining

Locally bonded nonwoven lining production and processing (laser cutting) whole strip material. As a reinforcing lining, this kind of cloth is widely used for clothing pendants, notches, bags, sleeves and other fine positions. It is also used for neckline, placket and other large positions; It has the effects of avoiding stretching, adjusting the cloth mechanism and improving the straightness of clothing, so that the clothing has excellent shape retention and smooth and beautiful appearance.


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