What is the difference between woven and non-woven fabrics

Spinning cloth refers to spinning and weaving, which is a traditional textile, while non-woven cloth is non-woven, which does not have to go through the whole process of spinning and weaving.

The exact name of nonwovens should be nonwovens, or nonwovens. Because it is a kind of textile without spinning and weaving, it only carries out fixed items or arbitrary support of textile polyester staple fiber or polyester filament to produce fiber web structure, and then uses mechanical equipment, thermal bonding or organic chemistry to strengthen the structure. Nonwoven improves the basic principle of traditional textiles, and has the advantages of short production process and faster production and manufacturing speed, It has the characteristics of high production capacity, low cost, wide main uses and multiple sources of raw materials. Its scope of application can be roughly divided into:

(1) Non woven fabrics for diagnosis, treatment and environmental sanitation: surgical clothing, protective clothing, disinfection soft cloth, protective mask, baby diaper, civilian towel, cleaning cloth, wet face towel paper, magician cotton towel, soft towel roll, beauty equipment, aunt towel, sanitary pad, disposable environmental sanitation napkin, etc;

(2) Non woven fabrics for court decoration design: wall cloth, tablecloth, quilt, bedspread, etc;

(3) Non woven fabrics for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, flocs, shaped cotton, all kinds of PVC artificial leather elastic fabrics, etc;

(4) Industrial non-woven fabric: filtration system, insulating layer material, cement packaging bag, non-woven geotextile, wrapped fabric, etc;

(5) Non woven fabrics for agriculture and animal husbandry: Crop maintenance cloth, seedling throwing cloth, watering cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc;

(6) Other non-woven fabrics: Space cotton, thermal insulation and sound-absorbing materials, linoleum, cigarette filter cigarette holder, bag bag tea bag, etc

The difference between woven and non-woven fabrics depends on:

1、 Raw materials and processing technology are different

Spinning cloth is the woven fabric of hemp cotton and cotton type organic chemical polyester staple fiber, such as cloth, cotton cloth and fabric. It is staggered and woven together by cotton yarn one by one.

The non-woven fabric is a kind of textile fabric produced without spinning and weaving. It is formed by immediately using the methods of viscosity, heat melting and entanglement of mechanical equipment. The textile polyester staple fiber or polyester fiber is fixed or arbitrarily supported to produce the fiber network structure, and no one thread knot can be drawn.

2、 Different quality

The spun cloth is relatively firm and can be cleaned several times for a long time.

Non woven fabrics can not be cleaned several times because the whole production process is relatively simple and low cost.

3、 The main purpose is different

Textile cloth can make clothes, sun visors, towels, screen partitions, curtain cloth, ancient books, drawing paper, five-star red flags, etc. according to different materials.

Non woven fabrics are mostly used in industrial production, such as filtration system, insulating layer materials, cement packaging bags, non-woven geotextiles, etc.

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