What are the types of clothing fabrics?

In the world of clothing, the fabrics of clothing are diverse and changing with each passing day. But generally speaking, most of the high-quality fabrics have the characteristics of comfortable wearing, breathable, straight hanging, elegant visual effect, beautiful touch and so on.

Cotton, pure wool and pure silk products should be selected for making clothes worn in announced social media places. Most of the clothes made of these four materials are of high grade. Sometimes, wearing clothes made of pure leather products is also allowed.

We will briefly introduce the modeling design characteristics of different materials and fabrics and their application in fashion design in detail as follows:

1. Soft fabric

Soft fabrics are generally light and have a strong sense of suspension, the modeling design wireframe is smooth, and the clothing wheel gallery is naturally extended. Soft fabrics mainly include textile structure, knitted fabrics for fire evacuation, silk fabrics and soft and thin linen fabrics. In fashion design, soft knitted fabrics often choose straight-line simple modeling design to reflect the beautiful curve of the body; Silk, satin, linen and other fabrics are mostly loose and pleated, which mainly shows the fluidity of the fabric wireframe.

2. Cool fabric

The cool fabric wireframe is clear and has a sense of scale, which can produce a plump clothing corridor. There are cotton cloth, polyester cotton cloth, corduroy, velvet cloth and all kinds of medium thick materials and chemical fiber textiles. This kind of cloth can be used to highlight the accuracy of clothing modeling design, such as the design of suits and suits.

3. Glossy fabric

The surface of glossy fabric is smooth and bright, and can reflect the light on the surface, with a sense of brilliance. This type of cloth includes textile fabrics constructed of twill fabrics. It is common in evening dresses or stage costumes, causing a beautiful and eye-catching visual impact. Glossy fabrics have a wide range of playability in the performance of evening gowns. There can be simple design schemes or flashy modeling design methods.

4. Thick heavy fabric

Thick and heavy fabrics are strong and scratchy, which can create a smooth and practical effect of modeling design, including all kinds of thick nylon and quilted fabrics. The cloth has a sense of shape expansion, which is not suitable for too many pleats and deposition. In the design scheme, A-type and H-type modeling design are more appropriate.

5. Transparent fabric

Transparent fabric is light and transparent, with elegant and mysterious expression effect. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber textiles, such as Georgette, satin silk, lace edge of chemical fiber, etc. In order to better express the clarity of the cloth, the common wireframe is of course plump and full of transformed H-type and round platform design schemes.


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